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ENT - "Breaking the Ice"

January 03, 2022 Erin, Sarah, Magen Episode 56
Tribbles & Transporters Podcast
ENT - "Breaking the Ice"
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The Trekkie Gals try take on this first season episode of Enterprise where T'Pol tries to hide a secret from the crew. The problem is they think she's working with Vulcan spies. Magen wonders how they got paper drawings sent from Ireland. Does Erin pull off another quiz win? And Sarah forgets the plots of all the TOS movies...again.

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Episode timestamps:
00:01:38 - Intro
00:03:51 - Podcast episode breakdown
00:04:31 - Star Trek music challenge
00:14:28 - "Breaking the Ice" recap
00:15:00 - What do you think?
00:17:30 - Quiz time!
00:35:38 - "Breaking the Ice" production details
00:39:39 - "Breaking the Ice" guest stars
00:41:41 - "Breaking the Ice" episode discussion
01:20:24 - On the next episode...

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Episode intro
Podcast episode breakdown
Star Trek music challenge
"Breaking the Ice" recap
What did you think?
Quiz time!
"Breaking the Ice" production details
"Breaking the Ice" guest stars
"Breaking the Ice" episode discussion
On the next episode...