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TNG - "Code of Honor"

March 13, 2021 Erin Brown, Sarah Kenney, Magen Stone Episode 47
Tribbles & Transporters Podcast
TNG - "Code of Honor"
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Join the Trekkie gals as they discuss one of the best episodes ever of Star Trek, "Code of Honor," /s. This time the tables are turned as Sarah guesses the music challenge, then later Magen and Erin try to explain to her how the holodeck works. It doesn't go well.

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Episode timestamps:
00:01:38 - Intro
00:03:32 - Podcast episode breakdown
00:03:59 - Star Trek music challenge
00:10:28 - "Code of Honor" recap
00:11:09 - What do you think?
00:13:17 - Quiz time!
00:26:33 - "Code of Honor"  production details
00:30:12 - "Code of Honor" guest stars
00:34:16 - "Code of Honor"  episode discussion
01:15:07-  Listener Feedback
01:16:52 - On the next episode...

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Episode intro
Podcast episode breakdown
Star Trek music challenge
"Code of Honor" recap
What did you think?
Quiz time!
"Code of Honor" production details
"Code of Honor" guest stars
"Code of Honor" episode discussion
Listener feedback
On the next episode...