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Top 50 Characters (Part 1)

November 06, 2020 Erin Brown, Sarah Kenney, Magen Stone Episode 39
Tribbles & Transporters Podcast
Top 50 Characters (Part 1)
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The Trekkie gals take on a list of the top 50 characters in Star Trek and decide whether they agree with it. Along the way they discuss the pros and cons of each character, and their contribution to Star Trek. This episode is part one of two, counting down numbers 50-26.  Part two will cover numbers 25-1. Who is at the bottom and who's at the top?

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Episode timestamps:
00:01:38 - Intro
00:04:50 - Star Trek music challenge
00:09:30 - Character discussion
01:15:30 - On the next episode...

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Episode intro
Star Trek music challenge
Character discussion
On the next episode...