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SNW - "Strange New Worlds"

August 24, 2022 Erin, Sarah, Magen Episode 58
Tribbles & Transporters Podcast
SNW - "Strange New Worlds"
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We're back trekking through a strange new show - but is it the best new Trek yet? Listen to find out what Erin, Sarah, and Magen thought about Pike and this new Enterprise crew.

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Episode timestamps:
00:01:38 - Intro
00:04:00 - Podcast episode breakdown
00:05:47 - "Strange New Worlds" recap
00:06:05 - What do you think?
00:08:45 - "Strange New Worlds" production details
00:16:19 - "Strange New Worlds" episode discussion
01:50:42 - Listener feedback
01:52:58 - On the next episode...
01:53:38 - Bloopers (easter egg)

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Episode intro
Podcast episode breakdown
"Strange New Worlds" recap
What did you think?
"Strange New Worlds" production details
"Strange New Worlds" episode discussion
Listener feedback
On the next episode...
Bloopers (easter egg)